A Letter from 10 Downing Street

Sairah has received a letter from 10 Downing Street:

Dear Sairah

I am writing on behalf of the Prime Minister to thank you for your excellent letter.

Mrs May very much appreciates the time you have taken to write to her. Your views were very well expressed.

As you may be aware, the Department of Education is responsible for policy regarding education. I have therefore sent your letter to them so that they can reply to you directly.

Please find enclosed a Number 10 pencil so that you can continue to write lovely letters to the Prime Minister.

Thank you, once again, for writing

10 Downing Street - Sairah

World War II pies!


Year 6 have been doing lots of cooking with Mrs Walker and Frances, from Maecare. They have learnt so much about rationing and the ingredients that were and were not available.

These pies smelt absolutely delicious but for some reason, I never got a slice!!! 🙁